Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Morning in the Swamp

Another day, another dollar!! You can tell its tax season around here - the clients are calling on Sunday morning just to get ahead of everyone else for the week! I'm still in my pjs & the cell phone is already ringing - geeze folks, can't I finish breakfast first???? The joys of operating out of your very own home office . . . .

I've actually been knitting on a pair of socks in the middle of all this chaos. Yes, even in the depths of tax season, I still knit socks . . . these ones are two shades of lime green with dusty pink & a figured grey/white stripe every few solid green or pink stripes. Haven't figured out what to use for the toes yet - I do love putting a contrasting solid toe on my socks, its become a trademark!!!

And, I'm also trying to knit myself a sweater!
But - it takes a long time & a lotta yarn to cover my "Goddess" sized self. There was a time when I didn't knit for myself at all because it just took too much time & I had problems fitting myself. But, thanx to people like Jill Vosberg at 'Just One More Row' & Medrith Glover who design for large bodies, I've got lots of nice patterns to knit with clear directions & a guaranteed fit. So, I have 'Drifting Dreams' on the needles in a hot pink varregated yarn & Medriths 'Ginny's' Sweater on large needles with all the odds & ends in pinks & purples on the go. I also have Dawn French's two sweater books but mostly they're unconstructed, baggy items - especially in the second book. The first book offers a couple of lovely jackets which are worth what I paid but the second book isn't worth buying unless you just want the color graphics to plot on patterns you already own . . . . . Buy from Medrith or Jill instead!!

I keep glancing at my spinning wheels. But so far, no dice. When the weather gets a little warmer, I'll get outside in the warm afternoons & get back to spinning . . . . I miss it. The cat misses it too since she gets to wander in the yard as I spend the afternoon spinning my life away . . . . .

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