Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh what a day!!

Promised the ex I would look in on his big dog this morning on my way to the doctor. The hound is a good natured bull mastif who prefers to hang out in the house. If he's left out in the yard, he eats his way thru the fencing. Left in the house for any length of time, he eats his way thru vinyl, plastic, wood & shoes. Other than that, the ex loves the silly beast . . . . I admit he's company but I hate dogs that chew!!! After getting slobbered on, rubbed & followed everywhere, I managed to escape to the doc. I dunno, I think I should encourage my ex to get a fluffy frufru dog - more his speed!

One thing about going to the ex's house, I get to work out on all of his exercise equipment. I ended up getting a good one on the leg rower - I'm trying to build up my leg muscles again after being off my feet for the last 6 months with tendonitis.

I managed to get some knitting time in at the doctor's office. My wild green & pink shortie socks are getting a traditional heel instead of some of the novelty ones I've been trying out lately. I have to make sure the elderly lady who gets these doesn't have them crawling into her shoes when she wears them!

Someday, when I figure out how to get photos from the camera to the computer, I'll post photos of some of them.

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