Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hi there world, its me, Sharon . . .

Spent a day wrapped in afghans with soup & the Home & Garden channel when I wasn't doing data entry for one of my clients . . . one of the wonderful things about being self-employed with a home office. You can do laundry, simmer soup, be sick & work all at the same. In pyjamas or sweats or thong if that's what you like to wear. Not so great if clients drop in but, what the hey . . . Made it thru the day!

I've run out of pink & green yarn for my Old Lady Socks. Now where do you find dusty rose, snotty green or that funny shade of pinky beige or off-white for a solid toe??? Its amazing how bad these socks look with almost everything I have in solids. Wouldn't you know??? Just because these are 'SOLD'. Grrrrr . . . well, I guess they're getting white toes. They don't look too bad . . serves me right, next time I get yarn for socks I'll make sure I have 'toe' yarn too!!
I almost believe that snotty mustardy tan color my buddy Gail buys would work on these too.
My next socks will be pink & turquoise & black & green in lovely jewel colors. Or maybe some frankensocks, Gail's term for socks made up of leftovers from all the socks we knit!! I do need to knit a pair for the competition at the Fibre Fest at the end of March. But the next ones will be bright, colorful & to MY taste!!

And I have another sale!! These will be handspun, in an alpaca/wool blend combined with a commercial fine mohair yarn. I bought the mohair for $.25 a ball about 20 years ago in a discount bin!! I am finally using up the last of it!!! These will be big, thick & warm!!

Gawd I gotta work . . . .

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