Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to Normal

You will probably notice TWO posts in one day if you're really alert but the last one was actually done late in the PM (or early in the AM) on Monday when I couldn't sleep & spent much time watching the original Star Trek marathon while knitting on my purple sweater. I shouldn't've stayed
up that late since today's the BIG DAY when all the little miscreants go back to school! The ones upstairs have been fighting, screaming & running a round since 6:30 . . . in the AM. I suspect each of the 5 start at a different time slot because there hasn't been a totally quiet time or really hot water since 6:30. They tended to sleep till 10 or later all summer so today must be really hard on their systems . . .

I remember being excited to go back to school! We didn't get new wardrobes unless we'd grown out of everything over the summer - hell, we lived in jeans away from school & we girls had to have skirts - we weren't allowed to wear pants unless we were in gym!!! But, the tops never changed much. I always had my nose in a book so access to the Library was a big thing in my life!! And I had a friend named Margaret who knit. She wore knitted sweater sets with matching skirts - all knitted by her. In grade 10! Although I wasn't even into socks yet, I was knitting hats, scarves & kid's sweaters for my little brothers. Even today, I still get the itch to buy school supplies every September. And I still want to sign up for classes, grrrrrr.

No point in going to Starbucks, the area Moms are all waiting out the hour or two that their kids are actually in school today making plans for tomorrow when they'll have the whole day. After they collect the kids, everyone will be off to Wally World, Dollar Stores, Staples or Office Depot to collect the items added to the NEW school list so I can't go to those places today either. I think I'll just stay home in the Office until it's all over!!!

Meanwhile, the purple sweater is starting to look like a sweater!! The pic on the right shows the colors in the yoke to the underarm - I thought I had a lot more of the lavender & probably do - somewhere!!! The darker color is called Pu
rple Heather & I really do love it although I did knit a sweater with a cabled front out of the lighter Lavender. I had to pull it apart when one of the cable stitches was caught on something & started to travel . . . not fixable unfortunately.
Took a quick pic of the sweater with the first sleeve done. Not a good pic but the batteries need recharging so
I took what I could get even though the angle is bad. I've started on the second sleeve & should have enough of the Heather to get at least a couple of inches down the body before working with the dark Plum. Who knows? I might even find more of the Heather tucked away somewhere. In one of those big bins. Probably in the one on the bottom if I know MY luck . . .

Oh, I should mention the two toned sock in the top picture. I started out with the intention of knitting BLUE frankensocks to add to my gym sock collection. I found two unfamiliar balls of yarn & started to knit. I take leftover donations!! This is what I ended up with. Karen claimed former ownership & responsibility for the colors. Apparently she spit joined the yarns together when she was knitting socks & didn't like the end result. She tore it out & passed it on to me. This is why the sock looks like two different yarns were joined together. It's Karen's fault.

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