Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surgery on the Fly

Today I go under the knife, the pliers & the needle to give up one of my wisdom teeth. I fought long & hard to KEEP those teeth. I even made the Dentist do a root canal on one of them. But, today, I voluntarily give up one. I even suggested he yank the one opposite since it will get loose without it's companion & I'll only be back to get IT yanked later. My periodontist is delighted. He smiled through the whole last appointment. Not like him at all although he started to smile when I decided to bring the big thick pillow & told him to lean on me when I realized he was in pain working on those back teeth. It's a good thing to be on good terms with the man behind the drill . . .

Today is also Payroll Day for 4 of my 5 little businesses. I did manage to do two of them yesterday but everyone is shocked that I'm having my tooth yanked between payrolls. Apparently this is supposed to be a big thing or something. I know a Root Canal takes hours so you might as well take the day off but an extraction???? Come on folks. It's not like they're impacted & curled into my sinuses or anything. Someone even asked if I was going to be "put out". I might add that my Dentist is a Big Gun in the freezing department. He freezes you from eyebrow to underarm for HOURS. I figure he'll curl his toes around the chair bolted into the floor, give a mighty heave & yank it out. It may come in two parts since I cracked it nicely but how hard can it be??? I'll bet my earlobes'll still be frozen until dinnertime!

And I used to be a white knuckle patient!

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