Friday, September 18, 2009

It's not over till it's over

So I've got this big hole in my mouth apparently stuffed with gel. I went to work & felt okay yesterday till the freezing started to come out - he DID freeze me from eyebrow to wattle!!! The worst part about the whole t
hing was the horrible head & neck ache - from stress, I'll bet - so I came home around 5:30 thru all that damned traffic from Langley. I usually come home an hour or so later so I sure wasn't used to all that traffic!! As soon as I got home, I took three aspirins & crawled on the couch with the cat for a two hour nap. I turned the phone off for the evening & sipped liquids thru a straw even though I wanted Sushi, before taking another couple of aspirins & going to bed. Slept like a log & got up feeling fine this morning with nothing worse than a swollen cheek - not sure what THAT'S all about!!! I am not supposed to do anything strenuous today - not sure what THAT'S about neither!

So, since I'm not allowed to do anything strenuous today, I think I'll knit. I started the "Fangs for the Memory" socks in the Ravelry Super Sock Scarefest. They're simple socks with a "toothed" top & two 'Vampire' holes just above the ankle, LOL. I tried turning the top 'tooth' row over & knitting it into the body of the sock last nite but I couldn't make it work. I'm sure it will work though - I wasn't my best last nite & I got it too tight. I suspect I need to pick up half the stitches to allow it to stretch a little more. Why am I doing this??? Because I really really hate sewing things together after knitting . . .

I noticed some pictures of the first sock - 'Damsel in Distress' - in the series actually completed. Aren't these gorgeous???? One of the participants published this amazing picture of her socks!! I'm thinking I may try out the pattern to see if I can make it work. Gail & Karen report the pattern as written will not work. Someone cast on 72 stitches & increased to 120 stitches before the cabling & had success! I have to admit it's a very pretty sock if you get it finished!

And then there's my purple Kardigan to finish. The evenings are getting much cooler & have been downright COLD a time or two lately. Since I found another ball of the purple heather, I think I may just have enough yarn to finish it. I'm moving rapidly down the body & have the sleeves finished to the cuff. It's kind of shocking at how much yarn the Garter stitch gobbles up compared with Stockinette. But I love the cuddliness - is that a word??? - of the Garter. This is to be a relaxing, snuggly sweater that I can just throw on any time any where. I intend to drag it to work & wear it in the car too! It'll be nice with my shorts until it snows!!!

Then there's the cat. She's really getting old & funny. She follows me everywhere & settles to sleep around or on top of me when I sit down unless she can rub my legs or shoulder. She's not eating much or chasing raccoons like she used to. I guess it's time for a catbed. I found another box of White Buffalo yarn when looking for something else. I thought I'd cast it all out but found some more. My little washer won't felt anything so I was thinking I could knit a big bag & stuff it with some old fleece I have in a bag in the closet. If it's successful, I may make one for the office too.

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