Friday, September 04, 2009

I fell in love

It's not often that I get that feeling. Not often at all. I just looked up & it got to me. I couldn't wait to get out my credit card & get the instructions. So what am I in love with?? Well . . it's a cheap & easy rectangular bit of knitting that's put together in a
different way. It's so simple to make that any 8 year old with basic skills can make one. But, boy, can you wear it in so many ways. Go to the Stitch Diva site & watch the video of the Designer showing how it can be worn!!! I was instantly struck by it's possibilities & had to have it. It's called the Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl at You can wear it right side up, upsidedown, add short sleeves, pin it closed with a shawl pin, wear it open, belt it & create a variety of collars. Cheap & easy. Isn't that the best kind of love???

Still plugging away at the New garter stitch Kyler's Kardigan in adult size. Ginny is a thing of the past although her colors live on in the new sweater. I goofed & had to spend a whole evening TINKING out the last 6 rows - just a pain the ass when you have 356 stitches on the needles!!! But, it's done & I'm almost to the armhole section where I put the sleeve stitches on holders & knit down the body to the pockets. One thing about this pattern, it's all in Garter Stitch except for the front band which is picked up after the sweater is complete. My only concern now is that I have enough of the purple heather to finish the main part of the sweater without having to resort to the dark purple to finish it. The debate is whether to do the sleeves first & then work the body in case the main color runs out, work half the sleeve & then go to the body or just do the body & worry about the sleeves later. I have to think about this one while I'm working the last 9 ridges before the separation. And look for more of the purple heather in my stash . . .


Dotty said...

That does look cool! I bet that it would look great in handspun yarn. Gladys could make a pooling one! LOL!

Sharon in Surrey said...

You betcha!!! The one in the video is knit in a silk DK. But I was thinking handspun would be lovely!!!