Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Knitting

So, I spent the weekend knitting. On my old Ginny. I watched my favorite Saturday nite shows on PBS & Knowledge - the Antiques Roadshow, Heartbeat & New Tricks - while I knit on the Adult-sized Kyler's Kardigan. I thought about knitting the whole thing in one color but was afraid I wouldn't have enough - I DID buy th
is yarn over 30 years agol! It's Scheepsjawool Luzerne. I bought enough for three sweaters & have knit them up & worn them for years . . .

So, I decided I'd do the same as I did when I knit up the Ginny pattern. I'd do the wild stripey bodice with the darker plain bottom. A couple of times I had to tink it back a bit to overlap a thin spot but it's a simple, fast knit that should go quickly. As long as I can keep on knitting.

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