Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Murder Most Foul

Came home yesterday to half a bare trellis! I couldn't believe my eyes. I've been training a Butternut squash vine to climb up my trellis where the C
lematis is supposed to be. The other squash vines are wandering down my drive & I thought it would be fun to have this end climb up the trellis instead. I planted Butternut - I love to puree it to use instead of cheese in Broccoli soup!! - I have a Hubbard & some other winter variety that I bought because it needed a home. I've been watching the Butternut fill the trellis with giant leaves & big yellow flowers. It only produced two squashes & I tucked them nicely into the trellis holes until one outgrew them. In the last week, that one grew amazingly!The nite before, I was thinking I should tie a knee high around it to give it more support . . . Well, somehow, in the middle of the day, that squash grew legs & jumped off the trellis taking the whole top of the vine & one of it's baby sisters with it. I found the wayward squash sitting happily in my spider plant while the vine lay dying around it. I took the perp into the house & slapped her on the scale - not quite 4 pounds of baby squash! No wonder the vine broke . . . I see this morning, that the little squash on the other end of the vine has perked up & grown since yesterday . . . seems big sis was taking all her food too.

I dug into the Blue box of yarn leftovers.
Found two balls of something with bl
ues, greys, rust, some green & thought I might as well start with that & see how far it goes . . . . short socks are so much fun!! I've turned the heels on both of them & it sort of looks like the balls will make the entire socks. I'm wondering if this is the stuff my pal Karen decided she didn't like & tossed into my leftovers box to get rid of it. We'll see . . . .

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