Monday, August 10, 2009

Rain Rain stay for a day

Some lovely rain is falling outside for a change & I hear this rain is putting out all the fires in the interior of our lovely Province. Apparently the combination of rain & cool humid air is wetting everything down nicely. And it'll take the conce
ntrated pollution out of the air around here too. My garden is drinking in all that lovely free water & I think the Butternut squash has doubled in size since yesterday . . .

The latest summer socks are finished!
! I can't wait to wear them. This pair uses up the last of the OPAL in the La
dybug colorway which I've loved & knit up into two pairs of regular socks, one pair of short summer socks & two pairs of infant socks - not bad!! To the left, are the four leftover balls which are to become the next pair of short socks in the new collection. Two leftover ends of Drops Fabel in pinks, some dark grey Lady Galt & some snotty green left over from Laura's socks - I think it's Kroy.
When these are finished, I have a couple of lacy sock patterns to try - yes, Virginia, I'll do something different for a change.

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