Saturday, August 08, 2009

Evening Visitors

I keep an old kitty litter tray under the stand the fuchsia sits on in the very back of the short carport that I converted to a covered patio. I have a big cedar box about 4 feet long sitting on two big grey bricks against the back, next to the fuchsia, which contains ferns & rainbow colored Lobelia this year. The Christmas cacti sits under the patio table out of the sun just in front of the cedar box. The pan of water is to provide moisture & give the cat a drink when she's not using the toilet or the slow drip in the bathtub.

Since it's been very dry, I notice the squirrels sneak up for a drink too since this is probably the only open water source in the neighborhood. The other night, the cat came to attention at the open door & I heard snuffling outside. I got up to take a look & caught one of the resident skunks ambling over to have a drink out of the pan. We've had a family of skunks living under the neighbor's tarped car for the 11 years I've been here. We don't bother them & they don't bother us! The cat will run off other cats, squirrels & raccoons but I noticed she just sat there & watched when the skunk came visiting. You think she knows about the perfumed end of that critter???

I needed more short summer socks. After pawing thru my odds & ends bags, boxes & b
askets - I seem to have more leftovers than full balls of sock yarn!! - I found the tail end of some OPAL & a couple of leftover Lady Galt solids in shades of grey. The socks have now had their heels turned & I'm halfway down the foot to the toe. this is so much fun that I think I'll knit a few more for my summer wardrobe! The OPAL & the Lady Galt blend together so well that it's hard to see where one ends & the other begins . . .

I spotted Gladys - our pooling stole expert Yarn Floozie who knits with us occasionally on Wednesday nites - in the Big Knit challenge at the Sock Summit! Over 1000 knitters gathered in one room to knit for 15 minutes on SPs to break the World's Record established by the Aussies! Apparently, they blew the record out of the water!!! Yahhhhh . . . Sock knitters!!!

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