Monday, August 17, 2009

Forgotten again

I can't believe I forgot to update the blog. Life does get in the way occasionally though . . . the cooler weather has been nice but my bones sure don't like the wet. Since I joined Curves, I can see the physical difference in my performance on wet days as opposed to dry ones - it's scarey. The computerized program clearly shows a difference in strength & endurance - hey, I simply ENDURE exercise in any form!! but I have noticed that my hands give me hell if I knit for too long or knit on something heavy - no more bulky White Buffalo sweaters for me!! Hey, can I have some of that estrogen back???? I've given away all the really big needles anyway!! I do love my nice light, Denice needles which I seem to use for everything but socks . . . . Maybe it's time to start on the purple Marble sweater!!

So now that my bones hurt, my teeth are getting loose & I can't even PRETEND I have any non-grey hairs left, what's a person to do? Well, I bought more yarn. Knitopia is having a moving sale. The woman who swore she loved Langley & would never to open another business in White Rock again, is moving back to White Rock. We're devastated. And in shock. The new shop is tiny. The hours are few. Our knitting group will be unable to shop on Thursday nites as we knit, chat & pass around Show & Tell. And everything that won't be sold in the tiny new shop, is o
n sale. Knitopia was our all time fav - we'll miss it - but most of us won't be making the trek all the way to White Rock since we'll have to take a day off to go there. I guess it's back to mail order, the yarn trek to everything in town a couple times a year & attending all the crafty events to see whats out there. The Floozies always seem to have stuff we haven't seen before so I guess we'll have to wander downtown to shop at THEIR store.

I've been making summer socks out of scraps. The latest project is leftover pink Fabel, lime Kroy & grey Lady Galt - you don't see too much of THAT around!! Laura f
rom my Wednesday Nite Knitting group has hinted several times that she'd love them. Mmmmm, I'll have to finish them & decide. One thing about frankensocks, you can always make another pair!! I discovered another box full of blue leftovers in a box I thought was an empty!! I now have two shoe boxes, half a shopping bag & two IKEA book boxes full of leftovers - I should just buy another plastic see thru bin & put it all in there so I can see what I have . . . .

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