Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Taxman Cometh

Updating the old blog again to pass the time while the printer catches up to my completed tax returns. I admit to still using the old 24 pin dot matrix machine in my office. And I intend to continue using it until the last box of expensive - I bought mine for $5 a box years ago because they were 'damaged' - paper is gone & the $18 ribbons are used up! Being cheap is what keeps my prices down!!

I meant to go spin at Karen's house on Sunday but laundry got in the way. I ran out of underpants. So I hooked the portable washer up to the sink & started doing laundry. Since it was a bright sunny day, I put out the folding rack & let everything dry in the sun. I love the smell of clothes that've dried outside . . . . that made me strip the bed so the sheets & pillow cases would smell wonderful when I went to bed. And then I thought I might as well do the bathmat & shower curtain since things were drying so quickly. Before I knew it, it was mid-afternoon, I still wasn't dressed & half the household was either washing, washed, waiting to be washed, outside drying or waiting to be outside drying! So much for spinning, We rescheduled for Tuesday.

On Monday, a client I've been talking to since last fall, dropped two boxes on me all in a panic. Seems the Taxman seized his bank account. NOW he has to file. I've been at my computer working on his stuff for a day & a half so far & I promised the Taxman I'd get all this filed by Friday if he loosened the strings on said client's bank. Boy, is he ever gonna pay . . . & I didn't get to spin again today.

Meanwhile, the blue socks not only have their heels turned but I'm just about to shape the toes. The yarn was quite interesting. It was almost like the yarn for two different socks was joined together so that half the sock was in one colorway & the other half in another colorway - if there was a knot in the yarn, I could understand it but???? Looks a little strange but most of the sock will be inside a sneaker so I guess it just won't matter.

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