Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just sitting here

As the title says, I'm just sitting here. I'm waiting for the latest flock of tax returns to finish printing so I can collate them & fire them into the box! The printer is an old tractor-feed - yup, I'm using it until all the expensive boxed paper & hard-to-find ribbons are GONE. Will be sometime this year. I have two tractor-feed machines & they will be going to an office that still prints three-part invoices on machines such as these. I have a very old dinosaur laser printer that once cost some business $8000 waiting in the wings. It's fast, cheap to feed but weighs 70 pounds!! I can't help it if I'm cheap. I gotta save my money for fibre after all.

I was wandering about on Ravelry this morning whilst my printer chugged away & came upon the results of the Dye for Glory contest. Hey, I'd knit any of them into socks!! Yes, I would!!! I sort of wish I was going to the Sock Summit to see them in person, sigh, even if I don't like sleeping in strange beds. But, funds & lack of cat-sitter prevent me. Good thing the Yarn Floozies are going - they'll bring back half the Marketplace stock & some great stories!!
I wish I had more time to spend on Ravelry. I don't get in there very often any more & I wouldn't Twitter or Facebook etc if you paid me. I just don't care about stuff like that - hell, I don't even update this Blog all that often. When you work on the computer all day to make a living, you aren't really excited about spending free time on it too . . .

The Ex called yesterday morning to invite me to breakfast so I took his gift of socks & a funny birthday card along with me - so much for my surprising him today!! He loved the socks & even liked the colors! So, I guess I'm still in the Will! And, whaddya know?? I think I'm getting an order for socks from one of the customers in the cafe! I'll think about it . . . .

Went to Curves yesterday too. Haven't been there since July 19th & I sure knew it. My butt & one shoulder aches today but I think I'll survive. This is what I get for sitting in front of the computer & pounding on a keyboard all day instead of exercising - a sore butt!!

I decided I need more summer socks! Well, short socks - the kind you stuff in sneakers to go to exercise class. I found a partial ball of OPAL in the Ladybug colors of pinky red, black, white & pale grey. It's the exact same colors as Ladybug but doesn't make the pattern. I found some grey, black & some cherry red too which all should go with it & cast-on the OPAL for short socks. I figure I'll knit as far as the OPAL goes & then finish with stripes of grey, black & red. Scrappy socks are fun & usually there's more yarn there than you think. A couple of evenings & they'll be done & ready to wear! Fast, simple & uses up scraps. My kind of project. For fun. In between Wallabies that is.

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