Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The End of Summer

So what did I do with my Long Weekend & Labor Day holiday?? Well, labor, of course! As a Contractor, I don't get stat or any other holidays unless I stop working. If I stop working, I can't afford to buy all the fibre I have to accumulate before I die. And yes, I'm only being partially funny. There's always another project or skein or ball or package of stuff I just have to have - hey, at least this addiction doesn't kill brain cells or give you cancer . . . well, maybe not unless you EAT the fibre. But everyone knows that more fibre is really GOOD for you!

So I stayed home. And washed dishes in the bathroom sink again. I still have a blocked sink. I've poured noxious chemicals down there, plunged until I'm blue in the face & even tried to take the trap off. Some jerk glued it on when they installed it! I perused the plumbing at Crappy Tire today & found the trap I want to install - it has a nice little clean-out door that unscrews easily. My Techie guys tell me I have to cut the damn trap off with piano wire, clean the whole mess out from there with the snake & put another trap on. Simple operation once most of the water gets drained out . . . I am currently waiting for the sludge in the sink to go away - AGAIN. My fault. I filled it up with boiling water & more noxious chemical in the vain hope it would all go away. Didn't. So, I cleaned out all the stuff under the sink - including the mouse poop - can't believe I own all that cleaning stuff. No one cleans around here!!! but I can't stand the mess any longer & have to get it fixed.

And in spite of all that, I also spent time working on the purple sweater. I just about froze in the warehouse on Sunday! And it wasn't much warmer today either. So the first sleeve is finished except for the cuff. I decided to do the sleeves first & finish the body with deep purple
if the heathered purple runs out. I'll probably use all the shades of purple in the cuffs just for fun. I really, really NEED this sweater NOW. Amazing how we were sweating gallons just two weeks ago & now all of a sudden, it's sweater weather!! And when this one's done, I'm going to work on the Cardi Shawl because it would work well at work too. I figure we really have two seasons in the Vancouver burbs, shorts or fleece lined pants. And I intend to wear my shorts until the snow falls! Even if I have to wear wool socks & sweaters with them.

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